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National Ethics Application Form  - for submitting research proposals to Human Research Ethics Commitees
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Welcome to NEAF

NEAF has recently been replaced by the Human Research Ethics Application(HREA).  From 31 March 2017, users will no longer be able to create new proposals using NEAF.  Users can access their NEAF accounts to copy or export any proposal data they wish to keep up until 30 June 2017.  The NEAF website will be decommissioned on 30 June 2017 and users will no longer have any access to NEAF.  NEAF proposal data will not be retained.

NHMRC have improved the password complexity in NEAF to meet security requirements. Users may be required to change their password. Please do so by visiting the forgotten password link.

Some key changes are:

  1. Passwords are now case sensitive
  2. Users cannot use their previous 3 passwords
  3. Passwords expire after 90 days. A warning is displayed 10 days prior to expiry.

NEAF is a web-based tool that has been developed to enable researchers of all disciplines to complete research ethics proposals for submission to Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs), and to assist HRECs to consistently and efficiently assess these proposals. It has been designed to meet the requirements of relevant guidelines with the aim of increasing the efficiency and quality of the ethical review process for all parties involved.

NEAF cannot be downloaded to run as a stand alone application on your computer but a list of all questions in NEAF is available here (file opens with Excel or equivalent program – for assistance in downloading this file, please contact NEAF Assist).  Please note that this list does not show any dependencies that may arise as a result of your answers.

In response to NEAF user feedback, NEAFAssist has developed four NEAF proforma applications. These have been developed to provide guidance as to the types of questions users may be asked. 

You can download the NEAF proforma applications from the NHMRC website.

These proforma applications have not been designed to replace individual users’ consideration of the principles in the National Statement. Researchers will still be required to familiarise themselves with the National Statement and tailor their answers in their NEAF application accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: NEAF proforma applications are for demonstration and information purposes only and are not to be submitted.

The NEAF Quick Reference Map (PDF,87kb) is a guide to the content and structure of NEAF. You can download this document here.

  • Once you have logged in, the Quickstart Guide will provide a necessary orientation to navigating within a NEAF proposal.
  • Detailed information on how to use NEAF is also provided on-line (see User Guide)
  • NEAF provides reference material and relevant guidelines, FAQs, comprehensive guidance on questions, and an on-line Help guide.
  • NEAF is provided in a secure IT environment so that you control access to your proposal.
  • Users may invite other users to edit or view their proposals through NEAF. For example, you may wish to invite a co-investigator or supervisor to view your proposal.
  • You can complete a research ethics proposal over several sessions by saving an incomplete proposal to come back to later.
  • You only see questions relevant to your research proposal.

You can also download a copy of the updated Frequently Asked Questions here.

NEAF Assist can be contacted for questions, comments and feedback about NEAF on or 1800 500 983 (9AM-5PM AEST Monday – Friday).

Information for Researchers in NSW Health, Queensland Health, Victorian Department of Human Services and SA Health

Researchers needing to submit application to an HREC in the NSW Health, Queensland Health, Victorian Department of Human Services or SA Health state systems can access the on-line ethics proposal and forms at

Researchers can find more information about each state system here:

NSW Health

Queensland Health

Victorian Department of Human Services

SA Health

If you need to make an application on both NEAF ( AND the NSW, QLD, Victorian or SA state health systems (, it is recommended that you create your application in first as this data can be imported into the directly. It is not possible to import proposals from into

For assistance with please contact their helpdesk on:

Phone: 02 9037 8404


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